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Are you Falling Behind or is H1 your Goal? We use special teaching techniques in explaining complex accounting topics in an easy understandable fashion using exam questions and exam format no knowledge of accounting is necessary.

Secondary third level students and teachers find our method invaluable in understanding accounting topics. We offer courses from September to May and also revision courses prior to the exam. Special topics are hosted as well. We teach face to face online or groups using an interactive learning approach.

The medium we use can be Zoom, Skype or Microsoft teams Our students get a thorough understanding of their topic and score high marks in their exam and do not waste their time in travelling to the teacher.

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    We also offer Management accounting to Regional collages and University students.



    What People Say

    What real people say about 123 Accounting Grinds.

    Niamh O’Donnell

    I couldn’t recommend 123 accounting grinds enough. After getting an H8 in my accounting pre-exam, I started weekly grinds with Con and ended up getting an H2 in my accounting leaving cert. Con is a super teacher and gives great notes and tips that are exam-focused, and ensures you completely understand everything before moving on. His classes are very interactive as he assists and guides you through completing exam questions yourself, which was what helped me so much as accounting is a subject that you can only learn with constant practice. Con really brought out my confidence in the subject and I would highly recommend him to anyone doing LC accounting as he tailors to every individual student’s needs.

    Juliana G

    Co Cavan
    I came upon 123Accounting Grinds late July 2020 and it was a godsend to my son who had lost teaching time in his Leaving Cert Accounting course due to Covid-19 and was feeling anxious about the year ahead. His tutor was able to take stock of where he was at in his course of studies and tailor the grinds according to what my son needed. This gave him confidence and a valuable basis for returning to school in September. Zoom calls were always planned ahead around our schedule. They were prompt and efficient. Homework followed and it was explained the following week. My son felt extremely comfortable in the grinds lessons and able to ask for help if he didn't understand something, without fear of being made to feel that he should have already known the answer. This is after all what we look for in grinds. I thoroughly recommend 123Accounting Grinds. Juliana G, Co Cavan

    Aisling Daly

    Leaving Certificate 2017 Grade: A1
    "123 Accounting is an inspirational teaching experience. Their passion for accounting has assisted me to understand and appreciation accounting as a subject. The encouragement and continuous assurance that I received from 123 Accounting throughout the year undoubtedly helped me to reach my potential and more. As a result of the grinds, I attended that I received an A1 in my Leaving Cert Accounting which was far beyond my expectations."

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